Wokingham Auctions

JenTel Packing are regular visitors to Wokingham Auctions to collect, pack and ship purchased lots for discerning buyers around the world.They have auction/office locations in Berkshire.

Wokingham Auctions specialise in silver, jewellery, watches, art & luxury items, souvenirs and books. They were established Wokingham Auctions in April 2016 having previously run local auction house Martin & Pole for three years.

Every month they run at least four auctions including:

  • Antiques & Collectables
  • Art & Luxury Items
  • Jewellery, Clocks & Watches

Do you have lots that require collection, packing and delivery to your chosen destination. Do you require a consolidated consignment service, with lots that need collecting from various auctions? JenTel Packing provides a service to dealers, collectors and enthusiasts who require a robust, professional and specialist service!