We don’t just wrap, we pack. It’s an art form
and requires a high degree of skill in its own right!

To become accomplished at packing, especially when the item/s in question are of delicate nature is something that is not unsurprisingly overlooked by our new customers. As soon as they experience and see the work that goes into the packing process, it quickly becomes an important factor for them as it is for us. The skill to pack some of the most delicate and sensitive items that venture through the vast network and corridors of distribution requires an abundance of experience, a significant knowledge around packaging materials, and how each item is constructed. A porcelain jug has many weak points, as does a piece of fine art.

Understanding how the transit process works to make sure items have every chance of surviving the various stages of a journey requires an abundance of packing knowledge, with everything considered in order to make sure the packaged item is received in perfect condition, the very same condition it was in when placed on our packing table ready for consideration.

If a delicate piece of art or a fine piece of collectable glass isn’t diligently examined and understood in relation to the rigours of transit, that one mistake or undervaluing of the potential damage through complacency will manifest into a very disappointed customer.

Of course, we cannot guarantee every package is going to arrive in good order with its contents in the same condition they were on the packing table. The robust process and demand in worldwide distribution of fine art and antiques, does mean that some things are unfortunately going to arrive in poor condition.

However, ensuring that every item is packed with expertise, diligence and forethought will limit the risk, and if the item is valuable in monetary terms or personally to the purchaser or owner, fully comprehensive insurance is available for that extra protection. Packing for the inevitable vigour of transit is an art form in its own right. The highly skilled JenTel packers will certainly confirm this.

These are just a few examples of how our customers value the JenTel packing skills…

“Just to say that the package arrived safely yesterday morning. I just wanted to say that the standard and quality of the packing was exceptional.”

“Please thank the team for a beautifully packed lot of a variety of items The attention to detail was exemplary especially the very old oil painting which I am sure could tell many a story and despite it badly needing a new frame.”

“Must recommend this packing company as one of the most, if not the best packing company that I have had the pleasure to deal with in my profession as an Antique Dealer always ready to help in any way possible. Thank you to all managers and staff.”

“I recently used JenTel for shipping an antique to a family member overseas. I can honestly say the experience was excellent. The staff were attentive, the package came quickly (even though the antiquity had to be collected, brought back to the premises and then packed) the packing quality was top notch and the price very reasonable.”

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