What is Rapid Despatch premium
pick up?

This service does exactly what it says. It is our premium bespoke service for auction buyers looking to receive their goods as quickly as possible. Our normal service is based on a scheduled collection of multiple items from any one auction, and sometimes customers don’t want to experience this form of delay in favour of dedicated collection service from one or multiple auctions. This is a very appropriate service for large, consolidated consignments, where we collect all items, pack in on consignment and deliver to your chosen destination.

What is Rapid Despatch premium
pack and send?

Once they reach our premises and payment has been received, Rapid Despatch collections are fast tracked through the packing process, normally on the same day if payment is received before or early in the start of business that day. If payment isn’t received before 12 noon GMT, packing will be scheduled for the next morning and despatched to your chosen destination on that day. The only time this might not be the case, is if the item/s require significant packing time. However, in most cases consignments are despatched within 48 hours of being collected by our dedicated collection service.

What is fully comprehensive insurance?

All items are fully insured whilst in our possession. We strongly suggest customers to consider fully comprehensive service for our Rapid Despatch premium service. This provides extra protection for your items once they have left our premises and in transit to the chosen destination.

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