Probate handling services

Bequests shipped globally

With extended families now migrating throughout the world, law firms are handling more and more bequests, sending a legacy of huge variety around the globe. Probate projects can be very complex, sensitive, requiring a high degree of respect and an abundance of expertise and advice. This is something our team at JenTel Packing® are extremely well-versed at doing, having worked with UK law firms and families looking for a safe and secure method of shipping.

The distribution of a clients’ estate can be complex. Our advice and methods appreciate what can be a difficult time, so, we look at providing one of our key account staff who understand the sensitive nature of probate shipments.

It is what’s in the box that really matters

With our packing expertise ingrained in the world of packing delicate antiques and fine art, the process of understanding the value of the items being shipped, takes on further meaning when the very same items have a strong emotional bond to the recipient. This is natural for us to comprehend and our high-end packing experience and ability to handle the most delicate of objects, gives us an edge over most specialist packing and shipping companies.


We are based in Basildon, Essex, and have handled probate shipping for clients all around the UK. Our reputation has led to our probate handling and shipping business consistently growing to serve law firms specifically in the following counties:

West Midlands

Although, our work typically sees us working in the listed locations, we can also look at projects outside of these areas. 

The final destination of precious bequests vary from anywhere in the UK and as far afield as Asia and Australasia. All projects are meticulously planned from pick up to destination.


Don’t forget to protect your valued investments with fully comprehensive insurance cover.

Why Use Jentel Packing

With over a decade of trading experience, and for many decades in handling precious goods, we are well-versed at looking after our clients best interests.

Our Promise & Values

Our experts are highly experienced and value every item as a precious commodity. We do not compromise on the quality of our packing and overall service.

Our Care and Expertise

As a specialist packing and distribution business, we handle fine art and antiques on a daily basis. You can be assured your precious items are looked after and handled with care.

Insurance & Protection

We can arrange any form of insurance requirement for your valuable family items. We are here to protect your legacy.

We work quickly and efficiently!

JenTel Packing is an independent family run professional packing and shipping company, specialising in the antiques, valuable, collectable and fragile goods sector. We have been operating since 2009 and have shipped many different items purchased both in auction and out of auction.

Our business has grown rapidly due to our reputation as a high-quality packing and shipping service and is still continuing to grow. As a family run business we take time and attention to detail with treating every item as an individual task, regardless of how much you have spent on the item.

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