Providing Safe Transport

JenTel Packing is an independent professional packing and shipping company, specialising in the antiques, valuable, collectable and fragile goods sector. Since 2009, we have collected items purchased in auction for safe carriage back to our depot before carefully packing them to our own high standards using methods and techniques mastered by our very experienced packers. Once packed, items are dispatched using the most suitable carrier to reach your intended destination safely. Contact us today to schedule a collection.

Family Owned & Operated

We are a family-owned business that has grown rapidly due to our reputation as a high-quality packing and shipping service. We have shipped items of various sizes and value, including a 2-foot ivory pagoda, a taxidermy crocodile and a 1966 World Cup soccer program. In addition to shipping and handling, we also offer probate service and secure document transfers. In the near future, we will be offering our packing and shipping services to small businesses. Whether you make beef jerky or ceramic jars, making sure your products get shipped quickly and arrive undamaged can be costly and time consuming. We’ll get your products to your customers without the headache of having to find the software, transportation and packing materials to do so. We will also be offering shipping for expats. From the United States to New Zealand, we will ship your favourite products from the UK right to your door.

Superior Customer Service

We utilise CRM software to understand your shipping needs.  If you can’t remember the details of your last shipment, don’t worry, we can easily look it up for you saving time and hassle.  We take pride in building relationships with our customers in delivering an unparalleled service.  We know how important your valuables are, so we treat each one like it was our own.  We protect our buyer’s interests as well as our own by photographing each item while it's being collected and during the packing process.  We are committed to communication and consistency, so customers know the location of their packages, how they were packaged and when they are expected to arrive.

Packing Slips

All packing slips must be retained by the customer as we require the information contained on the slip in case of any complaint.

Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Utilising the best of our skills and abilities combined with high quality packaging products, we can safely pack delicate and fragile items ready for dispatch. Covering items such as ceramics, china, glass and porcelain to bulky items such as pictures, bronzes and taxidermy. You can trust JenTel Packing to provide the experience and expertise to make sure your items are protected to the best possible standard for transit to you and that all items are processed in a timely manner to suite our customers.  JenTel Packing is a total shipping service specialist, whether you need double boxed packages by air, or container shipments sent by sea.

OTHER Businesses

Are you a UK business that needs a dispatch service for your products?  Speak to JenTel Packing about helping you make sure the world can be your customer and delivery is truly global.  Find out how we can help you provide a professional packing service with global reach that will make your quality product have the final flourish of high standard packing.  We can pick, pack and dispatch your products as your customers order from you, or even just pack, if you wish to provide your own shipping.


Are you a British Expat or simply someone who wants UK products shipped to you?  Then ask JenTel Packing about our ‘personal shopper’ experience.  We are able to provide a complete service from sourcing and buying your required items, packing them and dispatching them to you without you leaving the comfort of your home or business.

Secure Document Transfer

In need of a private and secure document transfer service? We can help you get that very important document to its intended recipient without the risk of it sitting around in the postal system.


We will collect the document from you personally and a record of its collection time is made whilst we provide you with a unique ID number for your document. This is then placed inside a secure courier bag which is sealed in front of you with a unique numbered button seal.  JenTel Packing provides you and your recipient with this number so that they know they have received it umtampered with as the seal has a one time use. Whether you are a solicitors, a council, a business or private individual, speak to JenTel Packing about their new secure document transfer service and how it can help you get your important paperwork to your recipient worry free.


Do you need assitance in the collection, packing and shipping of probate items? Whether you are a solicitor, a bank or a relative who is dealing with the estate of the deceased, we will be able to handle and ship your items to the heir wherever they are in the world.


Once provided with a list of items,  JenTel Packing will safely retrive them from their current place of keeping. Everything is thoroughly catalogued and checked against the list before being carefully protected for transport to our premises. We will produce a detailed quotation and once given approval,  we will then carefully pack to necessary requirements, and arrange shipping. Once dispatched with the relavent carrier, JenTel Packing can provide all parties with tracking numbers to keep you updated on the consignments journey.


We offer a unique service where if you buy from many different auction houses in the UK, we can collect your items for and consolidate them into one shipment saving you time and hassle. We are also able to accept delivery if you were to send items privately or through an auction and consolidate these to.


We can collect and pack firearms that do not require a licence to collect and carry. If a firearm is classified as deactivated we will require the deactivation certificate to be present with the firearm. We regret that we are unable to ship packed firearms, however in the case of UK delivery we can send firearms classified as air rifles or air pistols that do not have a pressurised gas cylinder. We are also unable to ship ammunition. In the case of an item not requiring a licence to hold we will be able to deliver this personally ourselves if you are within our collection areas.