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Parcel deliveries to Europe following Brexit


Dear Customer,


Since the UK has left the EU, most carriers (such as DPD, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, UPS, TNT) are experiencing considerable problems and delays with parcels from the UK destined for customers within the EU caused by major changes in customs procedures that have been introduced by various EU countries.  Also, the backlog due to Covid & the Christmas Holiday has added an additional strain to their services.  DPD & UPS have stopped any new shipments to Europe until further notice.


If you are awaiting a delivery from JenTel Packing, we must stress that the above situation is beyond our control and was not what we could have foreseen prior to accepting your order to collect, pack and ship items that you have purchased from UK auction houses.


We book all international parcel shipments via on-line parcel booking agents and like ourselves, they are also experiencing severe problems, but on a much larger scale and they have told us that they have too many problems and queries to be able to keep their customers (including JenTel Packing) continuously updated.


My administration staff are doing all they can to resolve current issues with parcels that have either been returned, due to the fact they have been sitting in warehouses or have not been scanned due to the lack of manpower and problems the couriers are experiencing trying to locate parcels.


Obviously, this work takes a considerable amount of time for each problem or query to be resolved as it involves liaising with on-line parcel booking companies who then have to liaise with the relevant carrier. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated during this exceptionally difficult time.


We are unaware how long this hold up could be for or how long each courier will take to resolve any issues. We therefore ask that you check your tracking information thoroughly and also that you have not received any updates for a while before contacting us.




Import duties and taxes—including administrative fees—may be payable by the receiver depending on the commodity and value of the goods. In some (but not all) countries, personal effects are exempt from these charges.


Failure by the receiver to pay customs charges will result in the return or destruction of the shipment. Any charges applied as a result will be billed to the account holder.


Therefore, as the account holder, JenTel Packing will pass any such charges to any customer who fails to pay their customs charges.

COVID-19 Update


This is an important service update for all our non-UK customers. Because France has closed its borders to the UK to prevent the spread of the latest Coronavirus varient, we cannot ship parcels out of the UK until further guidance has been provided by the relevant authorities and is totally outside of our control. In addition, ParcelForce has told us they will not collect parcels destined for Ireland or any International destinations.