Specialist Equipment

Specialist Equipment

The advantages of using JenTel Packing® are our expertise in the field of packaging sensitive and delicate items for protection. Over the years we have packed every conceivable shape and size as well as having a complete understanding of the structure and material make up of the object we looking to protect when in transit.

Packing is our speciality, with a complete understanding of the items handling when in various situations of transit. The bespoke architecture of a package is always a major consideration and the skilled team at JenTel Packing® are extremely well-versed at understanding this architecture and how to protect valuable equipment.

Specialist equipment, whether that is sensitive calibrated medical equipment, precision machinery or embedded electronics all require a bespoke solution and attitude to packing. When using JenTel Packing®, you can be assured that everything we do is diligently planned where packing is concerned.

The shipping aspects of our work are secondary, and only come into context when relating how robust an object of value needs to be packaged in order to transit safely to its final destination.

Our services are extensive and include:

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