Much of our work is involved around the collection and relocation of antiquities. We have transported 10’s of thousands of items for buyers and dealers located around the world, collecting daily from UK auction houses on our buyer’s request. 

Once an item is collected, our team organise professional packing at our HQ in the East of England and subsequent distribution using land, sea and air to the chosen location.

Our transportation service includes all destinations globally, and JenTel Packing®  are well-versed at dealing with the intricacies of shipping to various countries. 

We have buyers using our services from the USA, China, Middle East, Europe, Australasia and Africa. Indeed, we provide our trusted services to buyers, collectors and dealers around the world.

Our full-service offering includes:


If you are an keen buyer at auctions, a collector or you are purchasing for the first time and looking for a trusted service, utilising our Auction-to-destination Logistics Services will ensure the safe transport of your purchases.

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