Bespoke Packing and Shipping

With JenTel Packing® you can send your valuable purchases to anywhere in the world!

At JenTel Packing®, we provide specialist packing services for fine art and antiques, collecting from UK locations, packing and shipping to UK and overseas destinations. 

Our many years of experience is geared around our core business of shipping antiques, art and collectables, catering for the most delicate of objects, unusual shapes and sizes, and having a comprehensive understanding of how each item needs to be securely packed to make sure it is received by the purchaser in perfect condition.

Methods and materials

Every object we collect is initially assessed at the time of receiving the order, and then further assessed for packing requirements when it is booked into our warehouse. Materials are listed, ordered from stock and ready for our packers to take control of the delicate process of packaging the object safely and securely. All projects are recorded on our state-of-the-art system with an account manager overseeing the whole process from order to destination.

We use an abundance of materials from simple corrugated boxes, vacuum packed parcels to bespoke designed and built crates. The nature of the packing choice is based on value, size and type of object, with each packing specification being identified by our expert packers.

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