Antiques Collection, Specialist Packing, Worldwide Shipping

Antiques Collection, Packing and Shipping

Our core service for clients is the work we do in collecting from Auction Houses and Galleries from around the country. Our highly experienced and trained team are well-versed at handling delicate antiques from the point of pick up through to safe delivery using air, sea and road freight services.

Meticulous project management and tracking

Our sophisticated bespoke designed project management system means that your items are continually tracked from pick-up location to destination. Each item is photographed at the outset and recorded onto our system for easy identification, and then photographed again at packing stage. This gives our customers the assurance that every package is diligently adminstered and ready for shipping.

Our professional packing services saves you time and hassle, with many customers having used JenTel Packing® for a number years.

Specialist packing

In order to safely transit valuable antiquities, it requires a huge amount of expertise where packing is concerned. Every size and shape are demonstrated in the antiques and fine art world with one common denominator, the need to be meticulous with packing, and understanding what is inside the box requires a safe transit to its final destination. Our experienced packers are extremely knowledgeable in the art of packing the most delicate of antiquities.

We use a vast range of materials from soft wrapping through to bespoke packaging solutions. The benefits of using JenTel Packing® are:


Don’t forget to protect your valued investments with fully comprehensive insurance cover.

What do we collect, pack and ship?

We handle a vast range of items that require safe carriage to UK and global destinations:


Fine Art



Other Fragile Goods

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