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About JenTel Packing®

Packing and shipping happens every minute of every day and thanks to the World Wide Web this has opened up the world as an online market, meaning anyone can buy anything from any person at anytime.

But, how do you get something delicate and valuable to you safely, when you have bought it from the other side of the globe?

That’s where JenTel Packing® comes in…

JenTel Packing® is an independent family run professional packing and shipping company, specialising in the antiques, valuable, collectable and fragile goods sector.  We have been operating since 2009 and have shipped many different items purchased both in auction and out of auction.  Our business has grown rapidly due to our reputation as a high-quality packing and shipping service and is still continuing to grow.  As a family run business we take time and attention to detail with treating every item as an individual task, regardless of how much you have spent on the item.

We are members of LAPADA, which means our clients
benefit from a highly professional and strongly regarded service.

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This is my second time to use JenTel and I have say they are absolutely fantastic to deal with!!, from the friendly Admin and Sales department to the amazing bespoke packaging and shipping of the items. My first delivery was a 7 foot military pike and I am still amazed at the way it was carefully packaged!!.
- Linda Grey, Client
Family run business that REALLY DO go the extra mile and think outside the box about what’s in the box. Highly Recommended
- Nax Adams, Client
an exemplary service from start to finish. superior packaging,excellent communication and 5 star service. truly fantastic
- Steve Lane, Client


Don’t forget to protect your valued investments with fully comprehensive insurance cover.

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