The individual specialist collectors within the vast toy collectors market

Toy collectors and enthusiasts collectively are probably of or indeed, the largest of the collectors’ markets globally. With an abundance of choices from collecting cars, trainsets, Star Trek anything and everything, dolls houses, and some of those iconic dolls that have lasted the test of time. Sindy, Barbie and the adventurous eagle-eyed Action Man are undoubtedly prime examples of buoyant interest groups within the vastness of the toy collectors community. A community that is riddled with experts and enthusiasts, very often keeping the brands alive to younger generations that hadn’t realised there were so many engaging and tactile toys beyond the digital confines of overworked thumbs and electronic devices.

Throughout the UK, there is an abundance of toy collector fairs, some of which are significant events in the avid toy collector calendar. That major exhibition venue, the NEC, has four such large events every year where thousands of enthusiasts congregate south of Birmingham to view an exhibition hall full of merchants and their toys for sale. To accompany the huge calendar of toy fairs, many auction houses across the country create special sales to align with the popularity of this collectors market.

Here are just a few examples of UK auctions that focus on Toys sales:

Most of the UK auction rooms will at any time hold specific toy sales, so if you are looking to become an avid collector of toys, it is worth doing your research to establish a calendar of sales, and of course, getting to know your subject. Whether you are exploring the world of collectable toy cars, dolls and their houses, video games, train sets or indeed one of the specialist interest markets like Sindy Dolls and Action Men, it is important to spend time researching what interests you and is well worth collecting.

One particular area in the world of toy collecting that we witness on a regular basis coming through our shipping service, is the highly collectable branded his and hers dolls. Those iconic brands of Sindy, Barbie and Action Man, plus an abundance of copycat later versions, all find themselves on the list of most wants. Some of the many rare items fetch £thousands in an auction, and we suspect there will be many more perfectly kept and boxed rare originals of these iconic brands yet to see the light of day or find their way out of a dusty attic. Who knows what hidden gems are yet to be found, and we suspect many collectors will be queuing up to buy when they do show themselves.

To appreciate the interest in that specific toy market is to detail some of the sale values that have taken place over the years. One particular collection of Action Men and Star Wars figures collectively sold for in excess of £180,000 in a Teesside auction. One happy buyer paid out over £6,000 alone for a rare Action Man Judo suit.

So if you are in the market for collecting toys, don’t forget. Research to find out all the best auctions and sales around the country, and really get to know your subject. There are tons of specific interest-based websites that go into huge detail about every collectable toy imaginable.

Take that time to get to know your subject and happy collecting!