JenTel Packing finds new solutions to reduce waste and focus on sustainability

At JenTel Packing, we believe it is the collective responsibility of businesses to improve their sustainability generally. We all have to do our part in reducing waste and building a more sustainable future. 

We have already made considerable contributions and gains towards sustainability with new vehicles, and new recycled packaging materials, and now we have introduced the ‘King of Shredders’ to our arsenal of equipment. How is an over-hungry shredder demonstrating a commitment to sustainability you might ask? The answer is, considerably.

Shred and reuse

The new kit can shred just about every material, especially cardboard boxes. In our line of work, we see an abundance of this material being used for transport, and those old cardboard cartons can be shredded, with the result being utilised as packaging materials. Indeed, none of the paper-based materials we use is disposed of in the rubbish, or indeed find their way to landfills.

This new piece of equipment is much more innovative than your average shredder, whereby it can certainly shred cardboard boxes and card materials. However, it can also produce perforated sheets which can be bent into various useful shapes for packing more solid items like books, stamp albums and other more robust items. Not necessarily appropriate for delicate items, but perfect for the abundance of these types of items we see coming through our packing department every day.

Our commitment to sustainability

JenTel has always been very proactive in our commitment to sustainability and the recycling of materials is very high on the agenda. We continue to explore new equipment that can make a real difference, providing a continuous growing commitment toward sustainability. Something that matters to us very much!