Why compromise on packing and risk your valuable items?

After more than a decade of packing the valuable, the weird and the wonderful, we had a thought or indeed, a few thoughts on what we do and why we do it. This article covers something that has been sitting there with a little frustration attached to it for a long time. Something that defies our sense of integrity and honesty, and how we like to conduct ourselves and our business. It’s a subject based on risk and rationality, which is very often reflected in the occasional less than complimentary reviews we receive from customers.

So, let’s put this in context

A lot of items that go through our possession have been meticulously researched, monitored, and bid on by people who either see an opportunity to make a profit, or it is something they collect and lovingly want to possess. From the tiniest coin to a large piece of furniture all come within these two needs, with each item purchased for one of these reasons.

To receive that item in A1 condition, i.e., the condition it was when purchased, it must go through an extensive procedure to get to its final chosen destination. A more extensive procedure than many reading this article may realise or comprehend.

Most auction houses do not provide a logistics or delivery service, so companies like JenTel Packing are recommended by auction houses and called upon by buyers to provide that service. That service consists of liaising with the auction house to make sure the item is paid for, collected from the auction house at their own convenience, and then packed perfectly to ensure the items’ safety through a typically robust transit service. If the item is somewhat expensive, delicate, or valued, a fully comprehensive insurance premium can be added to ‘insure’ the monetary value of the item and the cost of the service is covered. Throughout the process, the customer investment can be fully protected to ensure they receive the goods in the right condition, or if in the fortunately rare event of the item being damaged (rare for us), the customer is at the very least covered monetarily for their loss.

We would say, that is a perfect specialist packing and logistics service. However, just a few customers for some bizarre reason try to compromise or risk their valuable investment.  When writing this, I recalled a conversation I had with someone who is a collector and dealer. It was their first time with us having used a couple of other logistics companies in the past.

The main reason for coming to us was the fact they just couldn’t risk or want to receive yet another item they had purchased at auction in more pieces than it should have been. They were an avid collector and dealer of glassware, and the very last package received before moving to JenTel was an expensive and rather important glass vase that had broken into more than 20 pieces. The previous logistics company thought it wise to pack in what can only be described as a taped brown paper bag (we saw the photos). No padding and no extra protection. Were we surprised to find out that the previous logistics companies’ service was very cheap? Of course, we weren’t really that surprised!

Why do people come to us?

I would like to say that it is our accounts teams’ good looks, or the fact we are always pleasant on the phone, the latter being an obvious reason to keep coming back to us. However, it is purely down to the quality of our packing. With us, there is no compromise in this area, and if it does cost a little more for our customers, it is certainly not something we are going to change now. If we could find a cheap method of packing or innovative and cost-effective packing materials, we would of course explore it. However, that wouldn’t be something we would entertain if it meant risking our customer’s valuable purchases.

So, for all the people that do leave us rather negative reviews based on our prices being just a little bit more for shipping delicate items, we have one very clear and distinct answer. We understand you are looking for the cheapest solution. Indeed, so are we. However, we want to ensure you receive your goods in perfect order. If that means spending a little more on packing materials, and the packing process itself, well, so be it. We haven’t and will not ever compromise on the quality of our service. Indeed, we are extremely proud of the service we provide, and many of our customers voice their appreciation through the excellent reviews they leave on our website.

Ironically, many mention the quality of our packing. The clue is in our name, and we do it very well indeed!