Delicate handling of fine art, painted by Sir Alfred Munnings

At JenTel Packing, we are continually reminded of how privileged we are to handle great works of fine art and antiques. As experts in packing and shipping antiques, our work takes us to many of the UK’s great auction houses to collect some highly collectable historic masterpieces. Collecting a piece that has been painted by a famous British artist is commonplace for us at JenTel.

On one of our regular trips to Cheffins auction rooms, we were asked by one of our private clients, a reputable fine art dealer, to collect a unique piece of art. A piece painted by Sir Alfred Munnings. The huntsman and hound scene is a perfect example of a man who was revered and recognized as one of the great impressionists of his time, notably world-famous for his equine works. This particular piece is very typical of his work, depicting a rural landscape scene with the huntsman and his hounds gathering at the hunt.

Sir Alfred Munnings was once President of the Royal Academy of Arts and very much known for his dislike of the modernist movement, claiming that the work of Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso had corrupted the world of art. He was of particular interest to us having spent much of his time living in Dedham on the Suffolk-Essex border, not too far from our HQ in South Essex, and place many of us at JenTel have visited on numerous occasions. Dedham Vale is probably the most beautiful countryside in the region.

Dedham, Flatford Mill and that corner of North Essex is also a location associated with that great artist John Constable. Constable country as it is affectionally known.

How we handle pieces of fine art and antiques

Our profession means we handle some rare pieces, and we do this with extreme care. Our work is delicate and considered from the moment we collect a piece from auction, how we store that piece, professionally pack it, right through to distribution, making sure a painting is protected and handled properly while it is in our possession. Our methods in dealing with such a rare and valuable piece have been perfected over many years, so, this project wasn’t unique to us, but as always, it required the care it deserves.

As with most paintings of this nature, we build a solid frame that enables us to protect and pack the piece carefully into a bespoke made to measure packing case. With precision packing and case design, we can provide the very best protection for art, to ensure it has the best possible chance to navigate the arduous journey through the distribution system. For added protection, we also provide fully comprehensive insurance for antiques and fine art, which is provided by industry-recognised brokers. The insurance premium provides peace of mind to the buyer and covers the value of the item and the cost of our services.

If you are a dealer that requires the most reputable service in the UK, to collect, pack and ship valuable pieces of fine art, our team at JenTel Packing would be very happy to be of service.