Packing is our specialist subject and inside this box is a very delicate and valuable item

Patrick O’Hara, a well-known artist and sculptor has specialised in creating incredible art that depicts the natural world. A great deal has been written about his work and the unique methods used in creating his wildlife sculptures to an extraordinary degree of detail. For this reason, his work has become very collectable by discerning buyers and collectors around the world. These delicate and ornate creations are extremely fragile and require a degree of expertise and knowledge in packing. A level of knowledge that is quite rare.

With many years of collecting, packing and shipping delicate auction items for our customers, we are acutely aware of the monetary and emotional value of such pieces. This particular work from Patrick O’Hara which was purchased from Hyperion Auctions is a pure and rather extreme example of packing expertise,  and the rare ability to plan and decipher exactly how it should be packed.

You can compare our knowledge to that of an expert in any field, and to underestimate this skill is often the difference between receiving valuable items in perfect condition and not. From a packing specialist point of view, this is an intricate process and the ability to understand the materials needed to pack and protect an item from the rigours of transportation. It really isn’t down to guesswork, it is down to a vast experience of packing items of this nature. At JenTel Packing, we have years of experience, packing thousands upon thousands of extremely delicate and valuable antiques and collectables over many years.

This is exactly why we major in the virtues of our service within our company strapline. It wasn’t and isn’t something we thought up one day, it is the epitome of our success as a company, which is further demonstrated by the feedback we receive from our customers.

Our reviews page is full of extraordinary customer feedback, many of who major in the diligent packing of their items when reviewing our service. The following testimonial from the buyer of this wonderful piece is another good example of that feedback and the skills we have and adopt in the packing process. Why compromise the risk and potential transportation damage for something so delicate? At JenTel Packing, there is no compromise when it comes to protecting our customer’s purchases.

To all at JenTel Packing,

I just received the package with the porcelain sculpture I purchased at Hyperion a little while ago.

To say that I am astonished and amazed at the effort and expertise applied to packaging and delivering such a delicate item is an understatement. I am flabbergasted and immensely grateful, especially to Terry, who devised and carried out the packaging.

Well done to all concerned, and I now know who I should have been using over the years.  Needless to say, you are my go-to company for this work from here on.

With Best Wishes