Collecting from various auctions, packing and shipping antiques to Asia

JenTel Packing has established many long-term relationships with diligent Antique and Fine Art Dealers in Asia. We are regularly picking up for our Asian Antique Dealers who are scattered right across the continent, including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan. Typically, their purchases consist of a wide variety of antiques. This particular client is based in Vietnam, regularly utilising the services of a specialist freight-forwarder based in the UK to prepare transit of their large consignments of antiques.

‘The Asian dealer network is a regular buyer of antiques in good ole Blighty, and one of the main contributing demographics to the size of the market, a market that has seen record sales in recent years. More than £13 billion was spent at UK auctions in 2020, and many of those purchases consist of Asian Antique Dealers seeking out historic antiquities that originated from Asia. This section of the market has been increasing year on year over the past decade.’

This particular project is a good example of our consolidated consignment services for antique and fine art shipping. It consisted of a wide variety of antiques and fine art. Once again, this is where JenTel Packing excels, with our ability to provide a service consisting of multiple collections from various auctions. As part of the ongoing collection and warehousing of the various items in the consignment, a specific location is designated in our warehouse for a project of this magnitude. Once the full consignment has been received at the warehouse, our packing team are then briefed on the items, taking on the task of organising an efficient packing production line, carefully placing each item into the individual boxes (as featured).

If you are based in Asia, and regularly purchasing antiquities from UK salerooms, JenTel can provide a comprehensive, efficient and organised service that will ensure your purchases are protected and distributed to Asian shores.