A timely antique packing and shipping project for a magnificent timepiece!

JenTel’s incumbent expertise and experience in the packing department really come into their own when creating safe transportation for delicate timepieces. From small pocket watches to the largest items, we are very diligent in making sure moving parts are protected from the continuous relocation of our packages whilst in transit to their final destination. This particular precious item was a beautiful Grandfather Clock with an ornate design to its face and a very solid casing.

In order to fully protect the clock, we needed to separate the pieces into various packages and wrap them individually. With so many moving parts, the application of wrapping the entire item could potentially experience internal damage during transit, so, it is incredibly important to have a certain amount of knowledge and understanding of how to carefully dismantle and treat each part or element of the timepiece as a separate package. Fortunately, this is something we are extremely well-versed at achieving for our antique dealers and collectors customers, so of whom purchase this type of antiquity regularly.

Following a process of dismantling, we could then set about a bespoke packing each piece to make sure movement was restricted and each item was perfectly protected. This kind of packing project requires a certain amount of planning. Indeed, a level of planning we adopt for many previous items we ship. Once we completed the packing process, all the individual packages are then carefully placed in a bespoke built packing case with further protection and packing added to make sure everything is secure and stays in its designated position.

At JenTel Packing, we believe it is very important to highlight the intricacies of packing valuable antiques. As we say, “Thinking outside the box about what’s inside” is the most important part of our job, and that is exactly why some of the world’s leading Antique and Fine Art Dealers come to us with their auction, collection, packing and shipping requirements.