Private shipment to a well-known Hollywood Landscape Gardener

At JenTel Packing, we have an exciting and diverse customer base. From your typical antique dealer to the more unusual collector who has a specific use for a particular item. This particular lot was purchased by a regular customer who is an Antique Dealer based in the UK.

It was purchased specifically for a Hollywood designer who specialises in landscape garden design for private clients. Our client (@duveenartandantiques) regularly purchases some fabulous and sometimes rare antiques from UK auctions, and this was certainly something very rare. Having collected, packed and shipped thousands of antiquities over many years, we certainly haven’t seen anything quite like this beautiful gaming table before. The ornate and highly decorative finish is a rare example of exquisite craftsmanship and the condition was incredible for its age.

This particular piece was firstly collected by us from the dealer, ready for packing and distribution to Hollywood. Yes, the famous one in California. It was obvious to us why it was chosen by the landscape designer. Exceptional quality, and some great history. You can imagine this antique once forming a centrepiece in a large English Stately Home. It certainly was in beautiful condition for its age and needed some very careful handling.

Our experienced antique packing team set about making a packing case to perfectly fit the table. The table was carefully inserted into the case with a complete soft barrier forming the shape of the table. Further packing materials were added until the table was firmly set into the case. Once completed we were then able to seal the packing case ready for distribution to America.

We are sure that whoever is the recipient of this fine antique will get much enjoyment from the games as well as the exquisite portraiture that adorns it.