Ceramics Antique Dealer, buys precious pieces from Golding Young

There are very few businesses of our kind in the UK that provide collection from a wide coverage of auctions in order to provide one consolidated consignment for a dealer or collector. This type of service is particularly useful for our overseas clients who are regularly purchasing lots from a wide variety of auctions here in the UK, but don’t have the luxury of being able to pick up from any of the auctions.

This latest consolidated consignment was for a client who is an avid collector of Ceramics. Some of their regular purchases are from the precious Meissen range of antiques. On this particular consolidated consignment of ceramics and teaware, the main purchases were carried out at an auction held by Golding Young Auction. The auction runs a number of sales each month from its salerooms based in Lincolnshire. They focus on a broad range of items including Antiques, Fine Art, Jewellery, Gold & Silver. They offer a wide range of genre’s in their saleroom across three Lincolnshire locations, attracting collectors and dealers from all over the world. The Golding Young salerooms are a regular visit for us at JenTel Packing, and we continually pick up purchased lots for customers that collect and deal in a wide variety of antiquities.

Consolidating into one consignment to save our clients time and cost

We have touched upon this service in past news items. A service of this nature requires a structured approach for our clients, organising collections from auction houses to be packed and distributed under the one consignment to a final destination. In this case, the final destination was the offices of our regular client based in Germany.

The production process of this work is to firstly build an itinerary of purchased lots to be collected. Once all antiques are collected, they are booked into our warehouse to coincide with our packing department production schedule. Each item is meticulously packed by our experienced packers and then carefully placed into a pre-built case. When items are booked into our warehouse after being picked up from the various countrywide auction houses, our storage team organise these items into one specific location in our warehouse. Although an obvious task, this helps us to be highly efficient with our internal management of the consignment. Each item is recorded and tagged with the clients’ details helping our packing team to quickly locate all items for packing. Once each item has been meticulously packed individually, we then carefully pack all items into the case, placing any further packing materials to reduce movement and ensure maximum protection for the contents of the packing case whilst in transit to its final destination.

If you are purchasing a number of items and require one company to handle the whole consignment of your purchased lots, JenTel Packing is well-versed at ensuring this can happen efficiently, saving you time, and cost-effectively, saving you money.