Private buyer from Macau requires special attention for a valuable piece of 18th century Jade

JenTel Packing collects many pieces of valuable and collectable antiques from UK auctions. This particular piece is an 18th/19th-century Pale Celedon Jade Brush Washer. It’s delicately carved in the form of an inverted leaf, with Chilong, Crab and Fish carved into the sides of the solid piece of Jade. The piece is completed and stands on an ornately carved hardwood stand which represents a mass of spiralling lotus. An attractive and valuable Asian antique for the discerning buyer.

‘Measuring 10.5cm in width, it isn’t a large piece but required careful handling and our specialist packers’ diligence to ensure the valuable item’s security during transit to its final destination in Macau.’

Packing choice

Every item that we collect from an auction goes through a process of packing planning. Some are relatively standard procedures, but something as delicate and ornate as this piece requires considered execution by our specialist packers to ensure its safe transit.

Our team recommended the use of a lightweight ply crate. The crate is a common method for protecting the package’s integrity, using stable materials along with a steel frame to ensure that the rigidity of the box is maintained on its long journey to Asia (see image). Although the solution for exterior packing was an obvious choice, diligence comes into play when protecting the item from movement inside the plywood case. Using Stratocel Foam cut to shape to line the case, the valuable piece was secure from potentially damaging movement. The plywood steel-framed case itself provided that extra protection externally.

As we state to every customer, our insurance doesn’t cover the transit to the final destination once the valuable item has left our premises. Where an object has considerable value, we advise our customers to take fully comprehensive insurance. The insurance cover is supplied by a broker that specialises in the transit of antiques, covering rare but possible eventualities of loss or damage to fine art, antiques and valuable collectables. The additional insurance provides added value and peace of mind to our customers.

A diligent service for global customers

It is crucial to us and our customers to provide the very best solutions for packing such valuable items. From packing materials and choice, safe transit and insurance, our service very much represents our motto, ‘Thinking outside the box, about what’s inside’. It’s what makes us stand out from our competitors!