A consolidated consignment for a large USA based antique dealer

The JenTel Packing name has become synonymous with consolidated consignments of antiques for dealers around the world. In particular, the United States antique dealers customer base has grown dramatically over recent years, with more and more dealers across the pond placing their investment in antiques they purchase from the many UK auctions scattered around the country.

A growing customer base of professional antique dealers

The network of US-based dealers tend to purchase from multiple UK auctions. This scenario is perfect for us at JenTel Packing, as we very much specialise in a bespoke service, collecting lots from various auction houses, carefully packing each item, and then fabricating custom built cases in readiness to ship to the final destination. Our dealer network utilises our services continually, as they are fully aware of the value and cost savings that a consolidated consignment brings in this situation. Why ship each item individually when you have one company that can handle multiple items from collection to destination?

So, what is in the packing cases?

This particular consignment contained various antiques, from paintings, ceramics, bronze figurines, lanterns, and porcelain figurines to an original game compendium. These were just a few of the items included, and to fulfil this consignment, we collected from numerous UK auction houses.

UK auctions are popular with American antique dealers

The US dealer network consists of a very considered and professional demographic of buyers. They know precisely what their customers want for the US market, but they need a reliable service to fulfil their continuous desire for new stock. We provide a professional service that meets those needs, shipping vast quantities of antiquities every month.

The JenTel packing and consolidated consignment services are well-known to a global network of antique dealers. We provide this strategic process for many antique dealers in the US, Asia, Europe and Australasia. Indeed, it isn’t easy to find a dealer within a country in these regions we do not ship to every month.