JenTel updates its online presence with a website that tells the whole story

You could say some jobs are well overdue, and indeed, our new website was one of them. However, we are very proud to announce our new website’s launch and particularly pleased to have something that genuinely represents JenTel Packing as a specialist packing and distribution company.

Since the launch of the original website, JenTel Packing has moved on dramatically. Our work in specialist packing and logistics has expanded into many areas. Indeed, if something requires the technical and sensitive packing skills needed for distribution to either here in the UK or overseas, JenTel’s diversification into other business areas has been a natural conclusion because of that expertise. Historically, the vast majority of our work has been collecting, packing and shipping antiques, fine art and collectables. Although this remains to this day the main bulk of our work, we have stepped into many other areas, including:

We are collecting, packing and shipping items purchased by dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts from UK auctions every day. Historically, this was predominantly UK buyers, but now we support a growing number of overseas buyers who require a reliable and efficient service.

Our growth has also seen the value of items and shipments increase due to a growing antique dealer and serious collector client base. Typically, dealers and collectors purchase multiple high-value items from UK auctions and require a sensitive and diligent collection, packing and distribution service that requires a strategically planned logistics process of consolidating consignments collected from numerous locations.

The new website now gives the complete picture of JenTel Packing. It demonstrates our work’s diversity and represents how we have expanded the operations to cater to a growing array of valuable items that are shipped daily to destinations across the globe.